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We believe in...

Company Culture is important for all companies and we believe that it is a Key to Success. We have summarized some of our Beliefs below:

The Power of People

We hire the best people, but what does that mean?
For us it is people that stand on a solid ground and have the strength to be a part of the adventure, they are the best in their profession but are also humble, care about other views, and can adapt, they have a strong driving force and the courage to act and take risks.

The No Waste idea

Waste is bad. Simple as that. Our Mission is to make sure that all Resources are used to the max and there will be as little Waste as possible. This is true for Energy and Power, Industrial Production, Fleets and Buildings as well as Quality Systems that minimizes the Scrapping.

Automation Brings Value

If it is Possible to Automize something it Should be Automized. We think that Humans should do what Humans do best and Machines should do things that has Low Value for Humans. This is valid for then Industry as well as for Services and Administration. We care about letting the Human Creativeness flourish.

Adventure not Processes

We see our Company as an Adventure where we Explore the world and look for places we can Improve with our Skills and Tools. That means that we will come across unknown areas that we have to handle. To do this we believe in a Strong Team with Heroes that can Adapt and Act to create Value. Often Process Culture is holding Creativity down and we believe that Success comes from taking Risks based on Good Judgement and Experience.

Care for Real

We care about People both in the Company, our Network and the Society. To us that means that we do what is needed to be done to help and support the ones that need it and use our Resources to do so.