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What we do

Fleets & Electrification

Datavärde is active in supporting the Growth of Electrification by both making Decision Materials based on real usage and available vehicles as well as Real Time Optimization Services to minimize Cost and Maximize Uptime.

Minimize cost of Electricity

The Datavärde System optimizes then use of both Power and Energy based on actual and predicted Usage, Spot Prices, Weather, Need of Stabilization Services in the grid etc.

Mission control

To optimize the use of fleets it is important not only to control the available power and cost of energy. The Datavärde system also assists in choosing the best suitable vehicle for each mission based on both historical data and Transport systems.

Analysis of Usage Data

To Electrify fleets there are many aspects to understand and handle. The performance of the new vehicles are different and the operation may have to be changed accordingly. By using the Methods and Tools Datavärde Captures, Analyzes and Present different scenarios how to make profitable investments in Electrified vehicles.

Specification of best suited Vehicles

Based on the Electrification Analysis Tool the best Vehicles are chosen in respect to Battery Capacity, Charge rate and performance.

Recycling and Reuse of Batteries

Datavärde has long Experience in the field of Battery Reuse and Recycling. We provide Battery Aging models, Measurement Algorithms, Safety Analysis etc.

V2X systems

It is expected to come Standards for using Vehicle Batteries in the Grids as Energy and Power Banks. This created a lot of opportunities but also new issues that needs to be handled. We are closely following the area and will be a part of the coming services.

Charging Strategies

For efficient use of Fleets the access to Charging Infrastructure is very important. Datavärde has long Experience in the field and has Services and Products that make the life easier.