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What we do

Eneregy Storage System

The need of Energy Storage is exploding driven by the increased use of Renewable Energy Sources and the Electrification trend that needs Fast Charging of the Vehicles. We have a combined experience of thirty years from Energy Storage.


To Dimension the Capacity and Power Capabilities from a Energy Storage System is tricky from many aspects. To maximize the Business Case a number of factors needs to be considered. We are able to help.

Safety and Cycle Life optimization

The Cycle Life of a Battery is dependent of many factors and are also difficult to compare since the suppliers uses different ways to specify the performance. To make a trustworthy dimensioning we can assist by using our experience and Data Analytics Tools.

System Architecture

ESS systems may be built in numerous ways and are always an Integration Challenge. We have the knowledge and Tools to assist in System Design and Integration Project execution.

Peak Shaving

Peak shaving is a useful tool for maximizing the profitability of energy storage solutions. We offer a system that takes into X, Y, Z, and more into account for a full picture.”


It has recently become possible to assist the Power Grids with Frequency Stabilization by letting the Power Network use the ESS products for a certain period of Time and the owner gets compensated.

Energy Trading

When the Prices on the Energy Market increases the business cases to buy when the price is low and sell when it is high are looking better and better.


To Specify and Source large ESS products is risky and complicated. The Quality  and Performance needs to be evaluated as well as Safety and Integration aspects. We assist with not only the Knowledge but also our extensive Network in the Business.